Acoustic waveguide technology

Applied learning

In 1987 Drs. Bose and Short were co-named "Inventor of the Year" for developing acoustic waveguide speaker technology. For some, that would signify the end of the journey. At Bose, it was merely the beginning.

The ability to change the shape and size of the acoustic waveguide chamber while maintaining high quality output opened the door to exciting audio opportunities. In 1993, Bose took the challenge of creating a complete system one step further with the introduction of the Wave™ radio. This compact system is only 14 inches wide, yet delivers full, rich sound thanks to the 34-inch-long acoustic waveguide wrapped throughout the interior.

Much like water conforms to the shape of its container, acoustic waveguide speaker technology allows us to modify the waveguide to fit a variety of applications. Sound is full and rich, whether confined to the compact structure of the Wave™ radio or expanded to the professional 12-foot-long applications designed for movie theaters and stadiums.

Acoustic waveguide speaker technology was even used to deliver rich sound in the Mazda RX-7. Bose engineers were able to intricately wrap the waveguide within the size constraints of this sports car without taking space from the passenger compartment.

Innovation is not a single moment of eureka or a single product, but a commitment to exploration and research. Bose engineers continue to explore the exciting possibilities acoustic waveguide speaker technology offers.

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