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Bose automotive sound systems turn a vehicle into a delightful listening space
The cabin of any vehicle presents a variety of challenges for a sound system. Space for speakers and electronics is limited. Listeners sit in close proximity to the speakers. Materials in the cabin can absorb or reflect sound. All of these elements can dramatically affect audio quality.

In 1982 Bose introduced a factory-installed, custom-engineered automotive sound system. Built specifically for the acoustics of the car, the system proved that a vehicle can become a delightful listening space. More than just a product introduction, this event helped create the premium automotive sound system category. Today, Bose sound systems can be found in more than 100 vehicle models from a host of manufacturers worldwide.

BoseĀ® system design philosophy

Every system is custom designed for the particular vehicle model
The Bose approach is based on the philosophy that superior sound quality is designed from the start. More than 45 years of research and experience have given us a deep understanding of acoustics and how they can enhance—or detract from—the music.

The singular mission at the heart of Bose is to reproduce music as true to the original performance as possible. We begin with extensive research in the field of psychoacoustics, the science of how people perceive sound. We've studied world-class concert halls to learn how sound reaches the ear, and how it affects the listener's perception of spaciousness and detail. Every custom-designed music system we create builds on the foundation of that research.

An innovative approach to custom design

The Bose Clean Sheet Approach determines the unique sonic profile of the vehicle's cabin
Every vehicle model is different, and each has its own unique acoustic signature. Whether it's a sedan, a convertible or an SUV, the shape and materials of the cabin interior affect the sound quality differently. And just as every vehicle model is different, so too is each Bose sound system.

Each system starts with a team of specialists working on each automobile model to reveal the unique sonic profile of the cabin. Nearly every decision about the sound system is based on this information, from speaker type and location to signal processing and equalization.

Performance matters

As for the listening experience, you'll hear balanced sound throughout the vehicle, no matter where you're sitting. Vocals sound crisp and natural, and each instrument is distinct—from the deep lows to the soaring highs. The music is reproduced with more of the spaciousness of a concert hall and the feeling intended by the artist who created it.

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