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802® Deluxe speaker system

  • Four 802 Series lll loudspeakers
  • Four Panaray® MB4 modular bass loudspeakers
  • One ControlSpace SP24 digital controller
  • Four SS-10 stands

This is what big sound looks like.

Engineered for large clubs and outdoor events, the 802® Deluxe speaker system is your ticket to big, powerful sound. Four 802 Series lll speakers provide wide, smooth room coverage and each of the four Panaray® MB4 speakers deliver warm, deep bass. The result is a system that gives you the power to move a swelling crowd at an outdoor event and the flexibility to cut back for a small café performance.

802 Series lll loudspeakers (Quantity 4)

A professional loudspeaker engineered to deliver natural sound and high output from a compact, lightweight enclosure. Newly designed drivers make these a weather-resistant and high-performance option. »

Panaray® MB4 modular bass loudspeaker (Quantity 4)

A high-performance modular bass loudspeaker designed for engineered and portable use. The MB4 speaker offers a wide frequency range for deep impactful bass in almost any application. »

One ControlSpace SP24 digital controller (Quantity 1)

The ControlSpace SP24 digital controllerutilises a digital signal processing (DSP) architecture to provide smooth, accurate spectral response for the 802 Deluxe speaker system. Optional limiting protects your system and push-button control allows easy selection of loudspeaker equalisation. »

SS-10 stands (Quantity 4)

A durable, convenient set of SS-10 stands. Includes double carrying case and attachment hardware. (Height: 133.4cm — 201.9cm)