What can make your drive better, even when you're stopped dead in traffic? How about enjoying some music—really enjoying it—with sound quality you may never have experienced in a car? Sound that’s closer to live. Where the music seems to come from performers on a stage rather than speakers in the doors. That's our goal with every sound system we engineer.

The Bose difference

The Bose® difference

Listen to a Bose® automotive sound system. We believe you'll appreciate the difference Bose technology makes.

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Bose automotive sound solutions


We reinvent the word "custom" with every automotive sound system.

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Bose innovations for automotive systems


Typical concert hall: 800,000 cubic feet. Typical passenger car: 80 cubic feet. We've got our work cut out for us.

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Help/FAQ automotive systems


Find answers about Bose® automotive sound systems?

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