Bose® link extends the performance of your Lifestyle® system to up to 14 additional listening areas around your home - even outdoors.

Bose link

Bose link expansion capabilities are built into Bose Lifestyle® systems and can extend the benefits of the uMusic® intelligent playback system in up to 14 different locations, including outdoors. Bose products, such as the acclaimed Wave® Radio and Bose 151SE outdoor speakers, can easily be integrated for quality audio throughout the home. Listeners use a local remote for independent mute and volume control and for selecting one of two available audio streams, including simultaneous access to two different uMusic system presets.

As the system is expanded into multiple rooms, the SA-3 Lifestyle® stereo amplifiers that work in conjunction with the Lifestyle® systems, have additional local input capabilities so that a CD player or television can be added to enjoy music from the local source.

Now, the new Bose link AL8 homewide wireless audio link makes expanding your Lifestyle® system easier then ever. With the Bose link AL8 you can enjoy your entertainment in another room without having to run wires room-to-room.

The new Personal® music center II remote, an additional accessory, can be used in multiple-room installations. This two-way, interactive audio controller has a backlit LCD screen that enables users to play music with the uMusic intelligent playback system or by browsing through the collection and selecting songs.

  • Whether you’re having a party or simply working around your home—music, talk radio or the ballgame sounds consistent as you move about from room to room, indoors and out.
  • As your Lifestyle® system can play two independent sources in different rooms at the same time, the kids can enjoy a movie in the lounge while you listen to music out on the deck - or the kitchen; or maybe the bedroom.
  • Lifestyle® system controllers operate by radio frequency, so they work through most walls and floors.
  • From your Lifestyle® system you can add Bose speakers and other Bose DVD entertainment systems for homewide Bose sound.
Bose Link