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Transform your TV experience

Love watching TV? Well, it’s about to get dramatically better. The Bose® Solo TV sound system reveals much more of the depth and detail you’re meant to hear in your favourite programs. The kind of sound most flat panel TVs simply cannot reproduce from their internal speakers.

And with just one speaker and one connection, it couldn’t be easier.

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  • Wide, even sound throughout the room from Bose speaker array technology
  • More effects, music and dialogue, clearly and naturally, with proprietary digital signal processing
  • Single speaker fits neatly under your HDTV, no additional equipment needed
  • Extremely easy setup, with one connection to your TV and one plug to the wall

One speaker. One connection.

One speaker. One connection.The Bose Solo system sits unobtrusively beneath most TVs up to 37” and many up to 42”. It’s an ideal choice for your main room or for use in a second room, such as the bedroom. Make one connection to the TV, plug the speaker into the wall and embrace a whole new experience in minutes flat. One listen, and you’ll realise there’s more sound in your TV shows than you ever imagined.

Packed with performance

Packed with performance

All the sound you hear is made possible by advanced Bose speaker array technology. It reproduces a wide range of sound evenly throughout the room from a compact enclosure. And with proprietary digital signal processing, that sound is adjusted and optimised at any volume level. So when you’re watching your show, there’s no need to tweak the volume when a quiet moment suddenly becomes explosive.

Hear what you’ve been missing

They’re your favourite shows: night time dramas, sitcoms, reality TV. And every one of these programs has a world of sound within. So take your “can’t-miss-it” TV to the next level with the Bose Solo system, and enjoy the crisp, clear dialogue and subtle sound effects you’ve likely never noticed before. It will completely transform your everyday TV experience.

The Bose Solo system comes with a simple, four-button remote for volume, mute and power. A universal remote control is also available if you’d like to control other components connected to your TV.



Included items

In the box
  • Bose Solo TV sound system
  • Remote control
  • Power cord
  • Optical digital audio cable
  • Analog stereo audio cable
solo - dimensions


Bose Solo TV sound system7.0cm52.5cm30.9cm4.6kg


Speaker rear panel

console rear panel

    • Optical audio input (digital)
    • Coaxial input (digital)
    • R-L audio input (analog)


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    Can I listen to the Bose Solo system with my headphones?

    No, there is no headphone output on the system. If you want to listen to TV with headphones, you can use the TV’s headphone output.

    Where should I place the Bose Solo system?

    Place the Bose Solo system on a flat and stable table, large enough so that the TV speaker fits with no overhang. The TV’s base must fit within the Bose Solo system’s top surface with no overhang.

    What if the TV’s base is larger than the Bose Solo system’s top?

    A TV should not be placed on the Bose Solo system if its base is larger than the system’s top. However, you can still use the product if you place it on a shelf above or below the TV.

    What is the Bose Solo system warranty period?

    The system is backed by a limited one-year warranty.

    Does the Bose Solo system work with universal remotes?

    Yes, the system uses standard Bose IR codes that are available in many cable set-top box remotes and other universal remote controls. If you’re considering a universal remote, the Bose RC-PWS universal remote control is available as an optional accessory.

    Do I need a separate receiver with this system?

    No, you do not need a separate receiver with the Bose Solo system.

    What size TVs are compatible with the Bose Solo TV sound system?

    The Bose Solo TV sound system is designed for TVs with bases that are no wider than 20” and no deeper than 10.25”. Most TVs up to 42” meet these requirements. The maximum weight that can be placed on the system is 18 kg, which is 1.5 times the weight of a typical 32” television.

    Bose RC-PWS II universal remote control

    Bose® RC-PWS II universal remote control

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