901 Direct Reflecting speaker system

901® Direct/Reflecting® speaker system

  • Our very best stereo speakers
  • Nine full-range drivers for each speaker
  • Includes freestanding graphic equaliser for smoother performance throughout the audio spectrum

AU  $2,698.00 (Carton)

301 Direct Reflecting speaker system

301® Direct/Reflecting® speaker system

  • Our best bookshelf speakers provide expansive stereo sound throughout your room
  • Features two high-sensitivity tweeters—including one rear firing—and a 20cm woofer

AU  $549.00 (Pair)

201 Direct Reflecting speaker system

201® Direct/Reflecting® speaker system

  • Our popular bookshelf speakers for stereo sound in smaller rooms
  • Features one high-sensitivity tweeter and a 16.5cm woofer

AU  $369.00 (Pair)

Virtually Invisible 791 in-ceiling speakers

Virtually Invisible® 791 in–ceiling speakers

  • Virtually Invisible 791 in-ceiling speakers reproduce lifelike sound with more spaciousness, detail and depth than conventional in-ceiling speakers.
  • Installation is easy and the flush-mount design blends seamlessly into the ceiling.

AU  $999.00 (Pair)

Virtually Invisible 191 speakers

Virtually Invisible® 191 speakers

  • In-wall or in-ceiling installation
  • Wide stereo sound coverage from Articulated Array® speaker design
  • Paintable flush-mount design blends seamlessly into your room

AU  $499.00 (Pair)

161 speaker system

161™ speaker system

  • Versatile speakers for movies and music
  • Magnetically shielded speakers for placement near TV

AU  $269.00 (Pair)