Bose sound systems can be found in the following vehicles:

Bose Sound for Alfa Romeo and Audi Bose Sound for Buick and Cadillac Bose Sound for GMC and Renault Bose Sound for Infiniti and Lancia Bose Sound for Masarati and Maybach Bose Sound for Nissan and Porsche Bose Sound for Chevy and Mazda

Please note: This list is not a comprehensive list of all vehicles that contain Bose® Sound. Please do contact us if you require more information.

We reinvent the word "custom" with every automotive sound system.

No two systems are identical and each is engineered to work in harmony with the very uniqueness of the car itself. To do this, we work closely with each manufacturer. Using our proprietary Clean Sheet Approach, both vehicle and sound system are engineered together—from the ground up. This way the vehicle itself becomes an integral part of the sound system, delivering both an unforgettable listening experience and an unforgettable driving experience.