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Bose Corporation headquarters

Why we innovate »

In the 1950s, Dr. Amar G. Bose was a grad student at MIT, and a classical music enthusiast. To reward himself for his studies, after careful consideration he purchased a new home stereo system that he hoped would deliver the realism of live music. Though the speakers he chose carried impressive technical specs, they didn't deliver in real life.

His path was clear. Create better, more lifelike sound.

Engineering breakthroughs lead to better sound

Our achievements »

Customers have high expectations of our work. We appreciate the pressure, because it's pushed us every day for more than four decades. We're proud of our accomplishments, not just for technological breakthroughs or answering customer needs, but because they increase the joy of listening—in all of its forms.

Linkoping Cathedral in Sweden

Where you'll hear Bose »

You're probably familiar with Bose® consumer products—headphones, speakers, tabletop stereos and more. But there's another side of the company, our Pro division, which solves industrial-sized audio challenges. From large stadiums to houses of worship, elegant hotels to performing arts centers, Bose is there.

Bose is growing beyond our audio boundaries

Innovation beyond audio »

We've built our reputation by creating high-performing audio products. Now, we're growing our business beyond these boundaries, leveraging the company's intellectual assets in broader ways.

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