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The world won't change on its own, and technological revolutions won't happen by themselves. Innovation is created by intelligent, curious people with a passion for better solutions. So if you'd like to work with a team open to new ideas, collaboration and creating positive change, chances are you'll find Bose a rewarding place to call home.

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If you take away one thing from this site it should be that Bose is a company unlike any other, because there's a unique set of circumstances at work here. When we set out to find a great solution to a problem, it might become another Bose® product. But even if it doesn't, we know we've learned something new. And that freedom to explore is something you'll find at very few companies. Maybe it's because we're privately owned and don't answer to anyone but ourselves. That's why we think you'll have the chance to do your best work here. Because while we don't compromise customer experiences, we don't limit employee growth either.

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