SoundLink® Air Wi-Fi® Setup Application


The SoundLink® Air Wi-Fi Setup Application is designed to provide a straightforward way to set up the AirPlay® feature of your SoundLink® Air digital music system.  It is a software application that guides you step by step, through the process of connecting your SoundLink® Air to your wireless network-a connection that's necessary to enable AirPlay.

Setup Video

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Start the application

For Windows:

Click to review Minimum system requirements.

  • Click the "Download for Windows" button
  • In the File Download window, click Run or Save.
  • If Run, follow the prompts to perform the setup.
  • If Save, select a location for saving the file (Bose_Soundlink_Air_Setup_application.exe). Then start the application from your hard drive and follow the prompts to perform the setup.

Download for Windows »

For Mac:

Click to review Minimum system requirements.

  • Click the "Download for Mac" button
  • Open the downloaded dmg file, and then double-click the Bose SoundLink Air Wi-Fi Setup Application icon.
  • Follow the instructions in the application to complete setup.

Download for Mac »

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need this software application?

Before you can begin using the AirPlay feature of the SoundLink® Air system, you must first join the system to your wireless network.  The Wi-Fi Setup Application provides a means of entering key information such as network name and password that is transferred to your SoundLink® Air system (via a USB cable), authorizing the system to then join your wireless network.

What do I need before getting started?

You need to have an internet connection and keep your wireless network credentials handy.

What operating system and type of network do I need before downloading and using this application?

In order to install this application your computer must meet these minimum requirements:

For Windows PC users:

300 MHz processor (1 GHz for Vista or Windows 7) 32 or 64 bit

128 MB RAM (Windows XP); 512 MB RAM (Vista Home Basic); 1 GB (other Vista editions and Windows 7 32 bit); 2 GB (Windows 7 64 bit)

Internet connection

25.2 MB available hard disk space

USB 1.1, 2.0 or 3.0 port

For Mac users:

OS v10.6 (Snow Leopard) or OS v10.7 (Lion) or OS v10.8 (Mountain Lion)

Intel-based processor

1 GB (Snow Leopard)

Internet connection

32 MB available hard disk space

USB 1.1, 2.0 or 3.0 port

*You will also need full administration rights to download and install the application.

Wireless Network:

Wireless router that support 802.11g

Wireless network name (SSID)

Security type and password if applicable.

SoundLink® Air is not compatible with Enterprise networks

Do I need administrator rights to my computer to set up SoundLink® Air?

Yes, you need to have full administrator rights to download the SoundLink® Air Wi-Fi Setup Application.

Is it easy to conduct the set-up process?

Yes.  Once downloaded, the Bose® SoundLink® Air Wi-Fi® Setup Application will walk you through the setup process, step by step.  The process should take less than 10 minutes.

Will I need to use this application again in the future?

The Bose® SoundLink® Air Wi-Fi® Setup Application is only needed when joining your SoundLink® Air to a network for the first time.  The SoundLink® Air will save up to 4 unique network profiles for easy connection.  The application is only temporary and will need to be downloaded from if needed in the future.

If my computer is not compatible, is this the only way to setup my SoundLink® Air system?

No, but the Wi-Fi Setup Application is the preferred method. Check the SoundLink® Air system owner's guide here for an alternate method that can be used if you do not have a computer or your computer does not meet the minimum requirements listed above.

How do I find the MAC address for my SoundLink® Air system?

The SoundLink® Air’s MAC address can be found in by downloading and launching the SoundLink® Air setup application and connecting the system to your computer using the supplied USB cable.  Once in the application select “Help” in the upper left corner and then select “System Information”.  The following screen will list system information such as software versions, serial number, and MAC address.

Owner's guide


If the setup process fails to work, click the technical support link for help.