Using the proprietary high-bandwidth, low distortion ElectroForce® linear actuator, ElectroForce® Stent/Graft test (SGT) instruments accelerate stent testing and provide multi-billion cycle reliability. These systems increase crucial speed-to-market and test multiple devices simultaneously. ElectroForce SGT test instruments were developed in response to the needs of our customers. They have evolved through several design generations and have become the standard by which other durability test systems are measured.

Key Features

  • Accelerated closed-loop control of pulsatile distention
  • Direct diametric distention measurement using an optical micrometer
  • Reduction in test time
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The ElectroForce Advantage
  -- technology, applications and support --

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Technology Benefits

Patented ElectroForce linear motor provides exceptional dynamic performance

Easy-to-use, intuitive software with advanced testing capabilities

Motor Technology Benefits
-- Improving performance --

Software Technology Benefits
-- Improving productivity --

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Specific Test Configurations

ElectroForce 9110 Stent Graft Instruments

9110 Stent/Graft Tester

Multi-specimen stent testing for pulsatile fatigue with optical radial strain measurement.

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White alignment spacer 9120 Stent Graft Tester with bi-furcated mock artery

9120 Stent Graft/Test Instrument

Multi-specimen stent tester for pulsatile fatigue with optical radial strain measurement 

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white alignment spacer 9150 Stent Test Instrument

9150 Stent Test Instrument

Multi-specimen stent tester for pulsatile fatigue with optical radial strain measurement

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Additional Information

9100 Test Instrument Brochure Open Brochure

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