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Acoustic Design & Simulation

Acoustic design and simulation

Modeler Software

Modeler® sound system software

Bose® Modeler sound system software is an acoustic design and analysis program for the sound system designer or acoustical consultant. Using a computer-based 3D model of the acoustic space, Modeler employs advanced acoustic ray tracing algorithms to predict the performance of the sound system in the room. When the Modeler software is employed on a project, you can simulate and evaluate a variety of design concepts to arrive at the solution that best meets the performance and budget requirements of the venue, while avoiding those design concepts which yield poor results.

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Auditioner® system technology

Auditioner system technology

Auditioner system technology allows the system designer, acoustic consultant and their client to “step inside” the model and accurately experience the proposed sound system’s performance in the room. The patented Auditioner playback system employs a specific arrangement of near-field speakers and proprietary signal processing to precisely deliver sound waves to the listeners' ears the same way they would hear them in the actual room. The Auditioner technology is enabled with the Modeler Plus software, which builds on the capability of Modeler software with additional features that enable auralization of the room model and system design and playback using the Auditioner Playback System III.

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