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Panaray® 802® Series IV

indoor/outdoor installed sound-reinforcement loudspeaker

The Panaray® 802® installed sound-reinforcement loudspeaker features a full-range-driver array, eliminating the need for tweeters and crossovers, to provide unsurpassed reliability and vocal clarity.  The Articulated Array® design, with wide 120° x 100° coverage, can reduce the number of required loudspeakers, while the 52-Hz low- frequency range can reduce the need for subwoofers, providing a cost-effective solution for many indoor or outdoor installed sound-reinforcement applications.


WCB802IV Panaray IV U-Bracket

The WCB802IV Panaray IV U-Bracket is compatible with the 802 Series IV loudspeaker and attaches using the side threaded inserts. The bracket offers 0-45 degree adjustability in 15-degree increments and supports both wall and ceiling mounting.


Product Code Color
746686-0110 Black

SB-8 flying bracket

For suspension-mounting one 802 loudspeaker. Provides 0- 45˚ pitch.

Product Code Color
027062 Black

WBP-8 bi-pivot wall bracket

For wall mounting 802 loudspeaker. Provides adjustment for 0- 45˚ pitch and ± 40˚ yaw.

Product Code Color
027061 Black