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Panaray® MA12EX

full-range modular line array

Articulated Array® speaker configuration provides wider 160° horizontal coverage and weather-resistant components allow use in outdoor applications. Designed to provide outstanding vocal intelligibility in acoustically demanding spaces. Slim column enclosure blends with almost any décor.

For indoor and outdoor applications.


WB-MA12/MA12EX pitch only bracket

Wall bracket offers 0 – 10° of pitch adjustment for MA12 and MA12EX loudspeakers. For indoor and outdoor use.

Product Code Color
318418-0100 Black
318418-0200 White

WMB-MA12/MA12EX bi-pivot bracket

Wall bracket offers pitch and yaw adjustment for MA12 and MA12EX loudspeakers. For indoor/outdoor use

Product Code Color
318338-0100 Black
318338-0200 White

WMB2-MA12/MA12EX pitch lock upper bracket

Wall Bracket provides 0 – 10° of positive pitch retention for stacked MA12 and MA12EX arrays. Load rated for triple-stacks. This bracket is used along with the WB-MA12/MA12EX pitch only or WMB-MA12/MA12EX bi-pivot brackets. For indoor/outdoor use.

Product Code Color
318337-0100 Black
318337-0200 White

CB-MA12EX coupling bracket

For stacking two or more MA12EX loudspeakers.  For indoor and outdoor use.

Product Code Color
317088-0100 Black
317088-0200 White

CVT-MA12EX transformer 70V/100V

For use with either one or two MA12EX loudspeakers. Bracket included for coupling transformer to loudspeakers.

Product Code Color
315338-0100 Black
315338-0200 White