Programming the remote for your TV and other devices

To use the remote with your TV, follow these steps to program the remote for the proper TV device code.

  1. Locate the TV section in the Universal Remote Device Codes book

  2. Locate the device code(s) for your brand of TV and start with the first code listed

  3. On the remote, press and hold Setup until all five source buttons light up

  4. Press the TV source button. Only the TV source button will remain lit

  5. On the remote numeric keypad, enter the first device code for your brand of TV

  6. Check that the TV source button blinks twice and turns off after you enter the code

  7. Point the remote at your TV and press TV On-Off. If your TV does not respond, go back to step 1 and try another code

Note: During programming, the five source buttons will flash rapidly three times if you press an invalid key or enter an unavailable device code. If this happens, go back to step 1 and start over.

Follow the same procedure for each of your other devices (DVD, AUX, CBL-SAT, VCR) using the appropriate device code and source button for each one.

To control or program a combination device

To learn more about the advanced features of your remote, see Using your remote to control audio/video products.

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