Connecting to an external audio device

Using a stereo cable (not supplied) with a 1/8-inch (3.5 mm) plug, you can connect a PC, CD player, TV, MP3 player or other type of audio device from the audio output to the AUX IN jack on the back of the SoundDock 10 system.

  1. Using the appropriate stereo cable, connect your audio device to the AUX IN jack located on the back of the SoundDock 10 systemConnecting stereo cable to AUX IN jack on back of system
  2. On the remote press AUX. The AUX IN indicator glows on the front panel

    Dock indicator on system
  3. Turn on the audio device and start playing music
  4. Set the volume of the connected device to near maximum

    Note: By design, the SoundDock 10 system will provide the best audio performance without any additional audio effects. Make sure to turn off all audio effects within the connected device.

  5. Use the Volume + and - buttons on the remote to increase or decrease the system volume.


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