Pairing a Bluetooth®-enabled device

If your SoundDock 10 system has never been paired with a Bluetooth® device, insert the system's 2-prong plug into a live AC outlet and wait until the Bluetooth® light starts flashing. That indicates the Bluetooth® dock is in discoverable mode and ready to pair with a device.

Note: The dock stays in discoverable mode (up to 30 minutes with first-time use) until you connect your stereo Bluetooth® music phone to it

Follow these steps to pair with a Bluetooth® enabled device:

  1. Bring your Bluetooth® music device (phone, MP3 player) close to the SoundDock 10 system

  2. Turn on the Bluetooth® feature in your music device. For details on using this feature, refer to the owner's guide for your device

  3. In the list of found Bluetooth® devices, find "Bose SoundDock 10" and select it

  4. If prompted, enter the Bose® SoundDock 10 system passkey: 0000

  5. When your music device confirms it is connected, the Bluetooth® light will stop flashing and remain on

    Note: You can use the SoundDock 10 system remote to control the connected Bluetooth® music device.

If your stereo Bluetooth® music device loses its connection because it is out of range, the dock will automatically try to reconnect with the device (the Bluetooth® light will flash during reconnection). If the SoundDock 10 system cannot restore a connection within five minutes, it will turn off.

To disconnect your device:

To reconnect your device:

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