Storing a radio preset

A radio station preset allows you to quickly tune to a favorite station. You can add presets for up to 20 AM and 20 FM stations.

To add a preset:

  1. Using your remote, press Tune up or Tune down to select a desired radio station that you would like to add as a designated preset

  2. Press and hold the numeric preset button to assign a preset number to the current station:

    • For numbers 1 through 9, press and hold the numeric button until "PRESET: xx SET" (xx = the number you pressed) briefly appears on the media center display

    • For numbers 10 through 20, press the first number, then press and hold the second number until "PRESET: xx SET" briefly appears on the media center display

To use an added preset

Tap the preset number once to immediately tune to the stored radio station

Note: Do not press and hold any preset button for more than a second, otherwise you may override a stored preset.

To remove a preset

  1. Tune to the preset station

  2. Press and hold zero until the message "PRESET: xx ERASED" briefly appears on the media center display

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