Enjoy radio on your SoundDock® system

With the Bose AM/FM App you can listen to the radio on your SoundDock digital music system. Designed for iPhone® and iPod touch®, the Bose App provides easy access to local radio stations. And if the radio station you want is unavailable, it automatically finds and plays the best substitute station. The Bose App is easy to use. An intuitive user interface resembling a traditional radio tuner lets you find and manage local radio stations quickly and easily. The app even lets you store personal favorite stations. And it remembers your home location, so you can go anywhere and your local radio stations will follow. Or, reset your home location wherever you go and receive stations from that area.

The intuitive interface looks like a traditional radio tuner and lets you manage stations quickly and easily.

The Bose App for iPhone and iPod touch:

  • Plays local radio stations out loud on any SoundDock system
  • Automatically switches to the best substitute station when the one you want is unavailable
  • Features an intuitive user interface that lets you quickly find and manage radio stations
  • Enables you to create a "favorites" tuner so you can easily access these stations, wherever you are
  • Lets you multitask: It plays in the background even as you access other apps


What's unique about the Bose App compared with other music apps?

The Bose App lets you access many of your local radio stations—from anywhere. If a station is unavailable, the app automatically substitutes it with another of a similar genre. In addition, the Bose App serves up your music quickly because there are no long lists to navigate to find the music/station you like.

Can I listen to music from other cities via the Bose App?

Yes. The Bose App is designed to give you a local radio experience—no matter where you are. You can use the settings menu to reset your tuner when you travel to a new location or choose a different city to set as your home location.

What kind of sound quality and reception can I expect when using the Bose App?

The Bose App will always try to select the highest quality audio content available for the station you select, as each Internet radio station streams at a different bit rate. Reception may vary, depending on the bandwidth of your 3G or Wi-Fi connection. You may find audio quality from the Bose App is better than that of traditional AM/FM radio because it doesn't rely on your being within range of the transmitter in your area.

What devices can use the Bose App?

The Bose App works with iPhone and iPod touch. Dock them into any SoundDock system to fully experience your favorite radio stations with Bose sound.

What type of device connection is needed for the Bose App to work?

If you're using an iPhone, either a Wi-Fi or 3G network is necessary to run the Bose App. If you're using an iPod touch, a Wi-Fi connection is needed.

Can I multitask while using the Bose App?

Yes. If your device allows multitasking, then you can run the Bose App in the background while using it for other activities, such as email, web surfing or other apps.

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