SoundLink® wireless music system

Sold from 2009 – 2011

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System status lights

System status lights on the front panel of your system may be on, off or flashing, or might display different colors. Find out what AUX source, wireless source, battery and system USB key status lights indicate. more »

Using the USB key

Inserting your system's USB key into a computer USB port instantly establishes a connection between the Bose system and the computer. To disconnect and reconnect the two, and to learn how you can tell when the connection is made by viewing the status lights, follow these guidelines. more »

Connecting to a computer

Follow these instructions to establish a connection between your SoundLink system and your computer. Find out how to tell by viewing the status lights on your system whether a connection has been successfully made. more »

Activating the system

Before you start using your system, you must activate it and make sure the battery is fully charged. Follow these instructions to power up the system and charge the battery. more »

Understanding your remote control

Understand all functions of the remote by using this remote control simulator. more »

Product guides and manuals

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SoundLink® USB key

Replacement USB key for your SoundLink® system (also compatible with Bose wireless computer speaker). It plugs into your computer and wirelessly sends audio to the system up to 60 feet away in a typical home.

Bose® rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Rechargeable Li-ion battery for your SoundDock® Portable digital music system or SoundLink® Air digital music system. Also compatible with Bose wireless computer speaker and SoundLink® wireless music system.


Color: Gloss Black

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